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Lake Red’s immigration story

Holder of a long tradition of welcoming foreigners, Canada is one of the classic immigration countries in the world. Each year it receives more than 200,000 newcomers who are integrated into the workforce of the nation, many of them as qualified professionals. And right in the middle of this sovereign state you will find Red Lake Municipality which is an extraordinary place of unparalleled beauty and an interesting colonization story.

One of the most unique locations of Canada

With a spectacular and diverse landscape, Red Lake has an impressive cultural richness. Events like the legend of the Ojibway people, the Hudson Bay Company success, the gold rush and the seaplane in aviation cover important episodes of the history of this town.

Today, Red Lake is also a community with all the necessary amenities and a more relaxed lifestyle in a thriving and economically prosperous area. This municipality stands out mainly in the industries of mining, forestry, tourism, retail and service corporations. The most important company of the city is Goldcorp which operates the largest gold mine of the country.

Red Lake is a multicultural village that hosts over 5,000 people of many different nationalities. The tranquil standard of living along with the diversity of landscapes and economic opportunities has made it one of the favorite destinations for newcomers from all over the world.

The golden city that attracted citizens from all over the world

At the end of the 19th century natural wealth of Red Lake caught the attention of European citizens who were interested on finding minerals. In the 1920s Ray and Lorne Howey found gold buried among the tangled roots of a tree. This situation prompted the birth of commercial fishing in the country and the emergence of this flourishing town.

During the next 10 years the Howey Bay airport went through a period of great agitation due to the concurrence of immigrants that were mostly from Europe. In time, newcomers established themselves in five communities located near the mines of the finest gold.